welcome to my world

welcome to my world


Hello and welcome!  My name is Karen, your hostess of this enjoyable ride.

I am originally from Maryland, where I grew up since the early 1990s.  I moved from Maryland to where I currently reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my partner, puppers, three kitties, and two tortoises.  I’m also a brand new (and first time!) auntie to a lovely and adorable nephew. My adult (AKA day) job is a licensed mental health counselor.  My partner and I also run a small business where we sell Japanese-anime related products (more on that another time!).

I created this page with the intent of getting all of my excess energy out, and to ‘make my mark on the world’ so to speak.  I dabble in a lot of things that do not seem to have any sort of connection with each other aside from they are all hobbies I thoroughly enjoy and wish to share with all you lovely readers!  Basically, you should expect to see a hodge-podge of various topics all under one website.

I came up with the name of this site, needacoffeeIV, as I feel like with all my energy, I often fuel with lovely caffeinated beverages.  This was a habit I started when I was a undergraduate at my university to help me power through 19-credit semesters, 25+ hour work weeks, and 10-15 hours of internship.  Have no fear, my coffee consumption as I’ve gotten older has greatly reduced in the past few years, but I still reminisce over my coffee [over]consumption.

I hope you enjoy my little spot on the intarwebs.  Come back and see me soon!